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You Can Decide

You can decide on a moment-by-moment basis. Will you act in favor of your future self? Or will you continue with the non-productive actions & thoughts that have gotten you to your current situation?

Today I went to downtown Ho Chi Minh to buy some new clothes…

I felt myself empowered on the bike ride back home…

3 years ago I got into this mode of thinking where I immediately wanted to try on my new clothes, wear it, and then go out drinking or partying. I wanted to display myself.

And, I felt that urge today as well. I came back home and I started checking Tinder. I was sending messages to girls. I was checking Instagram and wondering why people weren’t responding back to me.

I almost made this decision to just put on my new clothes and go out to the movies…

But then I asked myself, “Why?”

I’m just going to go to the movie theatre to eat some unhealthy popcorn, pay for a grab ride over there, and then watch this movie that won’t help me become a better person that’ll end at around 11:00 PM and so I’ll be waking up even later the next day…

For what?

After thinking those thoughts I immediately went on YouTube and put on a calisthenics leg workout video. I got a good sweat in and a work out.

I took a shower and changed into my new clothes.

But, instead of going out there and doing what the past version of me was so used to doing… This non-productive actions…

I just went on YouTube again and put on some Elon Musk motivational videos of him talking… Jordan Peterson too…

And I got to work on my goal. I put up a Facebook Ad for an event that I want to run.

I sent my old boots to go get cleaned at the store that I bought them at via Grab Delivery.

I’ve been fasting all day.

I read a very mind-shifting article by Julian Shapiro on mental models that radically shifted my thinking.

And I’m now beginning to notice that I want to make better decisions for the future version of myself.

I have that power. We all have that power to decide to make the right decisions.

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