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Yes, you can do programming on your phone. Here’s How

If you’re reading this article that means that you’re interested in doing some programming on your mobile device.

Is it possible? Yes, this post will show you how to do it. Is it practical? That’s for another post…


In order to follow this guide you’ll need an iOS or Android phone and to be a JavaScript developer.

Step 1 – Create a Glitch account

First, you’ll want to create an account over at

Glitch is a platform that allows you to easily create front-end and back-end JavaScript apps.

The reason I’m recommending Glitch specifically is because they have a very nice mobile interface, it’s easy to test on mobile, and it happens all online so there’s no need to install any special software on your device.

Step 2 – Install Gboard

The reason I recommend you install this keyboard is because it has built-in tools for editing text that will make things easier for you…

A copy tool

Gboard provides a built in tool for managing your clipboard. It can be very useful for you to copy some very common text that you might use. Here are some examples for you that you can go ahead and copy…

for (let i = 0; i < ; i += 1) {

function () {

And there are probably others specific to how you program but hopefully those can get you started.

Typing on a phone can be a bit slower than a keyboard when it comes to programming so copying some code like the above can save you time.

The Gboard Clipboard Tool

A selection tool

This will be helpful when you need to select specific parts of text. The glitch interface, because it’s using a custom text input interface, makes it more difficult go select text. The only available options are to select all, but with the Gboard selection tool you can select specifically what you need.

Gboard’s Text Selection Tool

Step 3 – Use Glitch’s built-in terminal

Each Glitch project comes with a terminal. You an run commands like ssh, run your node files as commands line executables, and more…

Now you have a full-blown terminal on your phone…

Feel free to bookmark this page as well if you jut need to occasionally run scripts from your phone. This is a great place to do it.

The command line, along with the Logs, is a good way to test back-end scripts, but what about testing front-end?

Step 4 – Testing your Website with Glitch

If you click the glasses icon at the top of your project you’ll be able to open a new page where you can see your app.

Glitch Test Your App

I definitely recommend that you turn off autoupdating when you type that way your app doesn’t keep refreshing, which makes you lose your spot. Here’s how to do that…

Glitch project settings


So yes, it’s possible to do programming on your phone. it’s actually as convenient as it can get to program on a phone using from what I’ve found.

I’ve spent 10 – 20 minute stints doing super small tasks that didn’t require a lot of researching on Stack Overflow. It can be done.

Have you programmed on your phone before? Would you recommend it?

P.S. – This entire post was written and created on a phone.

Keep rolling. Keep rising.

Rol Roiz

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