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How to use Notion to create your own Habit Tracker

If you’re using Notion you’re probably a productivity buff. You’re done with using separate apps for tracking to-dos, taking notes, and creating outlines.

You’re interested in consolidating your workflow.

In this article, I’m going to show you how you can also use Notion to replace your Habit Tracker app. That’s one less app to worry about.

What’s in a Habit tracker?

There are all kinds of habit tracker applications out there. Some have turned the process into a game while others are so minimal that you don’t get enough features.

Habit Tracker App Gamification
An example of gamification in a habit tracker app

But, what are the fundamentals of a habit tracker app? What do you need to keep you motivated in pursuing your habits?

Fundamentally, every good habit tracker consists of 2 things.

  1. A calendar to track your habits in a consistent fashion.
  2. A note-taking function so you can write your feelings while you’re going through the process

So, how can Notion help you put those two together to create your own don’t break the chain style habit tracker?

How to create a Habit Tracker in Notion.

Notion packs many features into the app, but the main thing that will help with this habit tracker is the calendar.

As always with Notion you can customize it however you like, but I’m going to show you how I’ve created my own personal habit tracker using Notion’s calendar block.

First, create a new page with the name of the habit using the full-page Calendar template provided by Notion.

Notion Calendar Template New Page
Creating a new page with the Calendar template

Next, add a new page for each day that you want to track your habits. What I do is just create an untitled page. Notion lets you add an icon to the page and some notes.

Notion Calendar New Note
Creating a new note inside of the calendar for the day.

If a day has an Untitled note in it that means that I did the habit. Inside of the note, I’ll write about how I felt that day while doing the habit.

Adding some text to the Untitled note created in the calendar

Optionally, you can add a completed property so that you can filter through your notes in that way. This is useful if you would like to write notes whether you completed the habit or not.

Add a completed property to your calendar for extra filtering options

Lastly, if you feel like it would work better for you to have a singular Habits page you can do that as well.

Tracking multiple habits in one page

Just use Notion’s inline calendar block and create multiple calendars inside of one page. This will give you a bird’s eye view of all of your habits.

Now that’s one less app you have to worry about.

Thank you for reading and good luck tracking your habits!

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