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How to go from $0 to $10K/m in 6 months or less

Are your actions producing offers? Are you working on offers that people can buy… offers what does that mean?

I just watched a radically transforming video on YouTube.

What I find the most fascinating is how he dives directly into the actions that he took.

When he was making $0 per month or working as a pizza delivery person then he wasn’t taking action.

What expanded my mind though wasn’t just the old cliche of put in the work and take action, it was his take action and put out offers.

That specifically made me think okay, you need to put out more offers.

Are the actions that you’re taking creating offers? Things that people can purchase from you? Sales pages, ads, emails that get people to buy stuff?

What offers are you creating? And are you putting them out into the world?

Offers. That’s my new favorite word.

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