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Environments, Consistency, Habits, and Small Chunks

I read a lot about how some successful people do things to see if I can gleam something from it and incorporate it into my life.

But recently I’m coming to realize that’s also a form of fear or procrastination.

I’m in the best shape of my life physically. I’m going to the gym every single day. I’m doing cardio and I feel my endurance is high. I have the six pack.

I don’t say that to brag I just say that I got to that place by just literally following my own rules.

I would go to the gym every single day, run, and then consistently follow this same set of patterns.

Yeah sometimes I would ask some folks in the gym for advice or watch a YouTube video but for the most part it became my routine.

Sometimes I did more, sometimes I did less. But I’m going to the gym 6 – 7 times a week.

And that alone, just following my own schedule and going daily and now even developing the habit where I feel uncomfortable if I don’t go is what helped me achieve the body.

And so now I’m thinking okay I know how to get results for my own body in this area why don’t I just apply this way of working to another area that I want success in?

I want success in the area of finances and specifically I want an online business that can generate $10K per month consistently without me having to be at the hamster wheel all the time.

Previously, I’m reading books and blog posts and taking courses and reading guides and this and that and it’s not really getting me results.

Why? Because I’m not really being myself…

My current business now, RemoteLeads, is generating about $1,000 per month approximately. Most of the customers that have come from that have been through some blog posts that I’ve put out.

So now I’m trying to get back to what works for me personally…

just develop an environment that encourages the behavior that you want… do it daily… do it consistently… and do less of it if you feel too overwhelmed.

I’ve been beating myself up thinking I need to approach business in this specific way when I already know what works for me…

Gary Varynerchuk has a video called 5 Minute Plea To Do which really hit me. When I’m focused on planning and all this and that I tend to get overwhelmed and j don’t make progress. But when I take action and make some type of movement it doesn’t matter what it is I make progress.

It doesn’t have to be the most efficient action. I’m sure I’m not doing the most effective exercises at the gym and a plethora of other things I’m probably doing wrong but it doesn’t matter because I’m staying consistent.

So what works for you? What had succeeded for you in the past and how did you work? Don’t apply other people’s rules to your own working style. You already know what it is I’m guessing that maybe there’s just some fear stopping you from going all in because it doesn’t feel like that’s what it’s supposed to be.

It’s never going to feel right but you’ll know you’re getting results and you’ll feel in the zone.

Hope this helped you. Keep rising. Keep rolling.

Rol Roiz

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