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Bookmarks over apps

In yesterday’s post titled Digital Environments, I wrote about how the environment that you set up on your pocket computer has a dramatic effect on how you live your life.

One question I asked myself was what apps can help you accomplish what you need to do?

But then I realized why not just use bookmarks and bookmark and specific action that you’d like to do?

You can bookmarks a specific link that will let you take action to help to become who you want to become…

So I deleted most of the apps on this new pocket computer that I own that have mobile web counter parts and just saved bookmarks in my Chrome browser instead.

Here’s what my current setup now looks like…

My current homescreen on my pocket computer

One of my goals is for this computer to help make me happier and financially richer so I bookmarked pages to help make that easier for myself like just clicking a page to start a meditation session, or start writing for this blog, or listen to a motivating speech.

A bookmark takes you directly to that web page where that action can be completed.

What do you think about bookmarks? They’re some old relic to you that were replaced by apps? How are you utilizing them right now if at all?

looking forward to hearing from you.

Keep rolling. Keeping rising.

Rol Roiz

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