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The Top 7 Productivity Android Apps To Install On Your Chromebook

Are you using a Chromebook as your main driver? Here are 7 android apps for Chromebook that you can install to make things a bit easier.

Here are some of the top productivity android apps that I use often on my own Samsung Chromebook Pro.

1) VNC Viewer – Remote Desktop Connecting App

VNC Viewer is an application that lets you connect to other computers remotely.

It’s very useful if you have another computer that you want to control at home with your Chromebook. It’s also useful if you own a computer that’s on some other service, like on Digital Ocean for example, and you can connect to it with this application.

They also have a Chrome Extension version if you prefer it.

Play Store Link:

2) Easy Voice Recorder – Voice Recording App

There’s no default voice recorder on chrome so if you need to record voice memos occasionally this is a great application.

The audio files stay on the android application, but you can export them as .m4a and then save them into your files.

Play Store Link:

3) VSCO – Photo Editing App

Here’s a good photo editing app if you need to edit some photos. It’s amazing that you can install this on your Chromebook because it’s also available for Android. I’ve personally subscribed to the yearly subscription so I can get access to all of their custom presets.

If you’re not interested in these type of photo filters then going with Adobe Lightroom might be more of your cup of tea.

Play Store Link:

4) Amazon Kindle – eBook Reading App

This one is good if you already have many ebooks in your Kindle account.

You don’t necessarily need the Android app to access your Kindle books on your Chromebook. It’s there if you prefer it. There’s also the Kindle Cloud Reader, and you can also enable offline mode if you prefer that route.

Play Store Link:

5) Squid – Drawing / Note-taking App

I currently own a 2-in-1 Samsung Chromebook Pro. It comes with a touchscreen and a stylus as well. If you own a touchscreen-enabled Chromebook and you’re interested in taking physical notes or doing some drawing then here’s a good app for you…

It’s also useful if you want to markup some PDFs. Some touchscreen Chromebooks also come enabled with a laser pointer so you can also use it to go through slides as well.

Also, Google and Squid partnered up to offer 6 months free.

Play Store Link:

6) Evernote – Note-taking App

Yes, Evernote is available everywhere. It’s available here on Android on your Chromebook too.

It depends on your preference. I like speed so I prefer to have the Android app installed. In many ways though, the web app can be a much cleaner experience. You get more editing options in the web app.

Play Store Link:

7) Authy

If you would like to set up Two-factor Authentication with the various logins that you use, then it’s good to know that you don’t need to use your phone. You can do 2FA right from your Chromebook with this app.

A nice companion app to this one is also the Barcode Scanner.

Play Store Link:


Chromebooks are extremely powerful machines that are underestimated even today. They’re machines that have 3 operating systems in one machine. There’s ChromeOS, Android, and Linux. Not only are there 3 OS’s on a single machine, but depending on your model and if it’s a touch screen version it can be used in so many different ways.

This one device is extremely powerful, can be used in many ways, and a very good price.

The above is a list of the android apps that I use on an almost daily basis on my own Chromebook machine.

Let me know in the comments below which ones you use and if you have alternative recommendations for any of the above.

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