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Am I Being Productive Or Just Active?

I grew up listening to Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary Vee’s motto is Hustle and Patience. In my mind that meant just staying busy.

But sometimes many of the times people work is to avoid the hard things.

I now do an exercise where I ask myself what are the most important things that I can do for a particular goal that I’m trying to accomplish.

Sooner or later I’ll get to some action item that will cause fear in me. That’s when I know that’s the thing that I need to be focusing on.

Before I would just waste time focusing on easy stuff that didn’t necessarily move the needle just so I could feel good.

Yes, it’s important to stay in motion, but it’s also important to be working on the right things. Some motion is better than no motion. But, after a while you’ll realize that you need to work on the right things.

As more and more time goes by I’m realizing that I don’t care about the appearance of productivity anymore. What are the action items that are ACTUALLY going to move the needle?

As Tim Ferris wrote in his book, ask yourself 3 times a day… “Am I being productive or just active?”

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