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Always Carry A Netbook

There’s some freedom to carrying a notebook with you at all times.

There’s something about the medium that I really like. Maybe it’s the speed? Maybe it’s that it’s so easy to write words and graphics?

It’s a lot more free than writing out words on a page on a phone. Maybe it’s because on a phone it’s linear. You write and you go down and write more…

In a notebook you can come back up, scratch something out, write in the margins, fold the page, and more…

There’s just so much more flexibility in a single page of a notebool than there is when just using the digital medium.

If you want to capture your thoughts you can always upgrade to the paid version of Evernote, take a photo, and Evernote will document it for you.

Whenever I carry a notebook I find it’s so much easier to plan things out.

Always carry a notebook.

Stay tuned for more blog posts in the future on notebook-specific exercises you can do to help you with planning and doing.

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