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If you’re on this website that means you have that fire for freedom, for something greater, burning inside of you.

Everything on this website is meant to support the artists, craftsmen, writers, designers, programmers, the self-employed, the go-getters, and the do-it-yourself-ers.

I support the creators who want to live life on their own terms through their own creations and make an independent income.

Who Am I?

I’m Derick Sozo. I’m a writer, programmer, traveler, and language learner.


You’ll always catch me in a different country. I live by the unknown. Some people feel strange when they can’t understand a language or what’s going on around them. I thrive in that feeling of unknown. I express that through traveling. I love traveling to different places and just exploring.

Language Learner

Learning new languages is helpful in so many ways. First, it helps you become more aware of your own language and communication patterns with yourself in your own native language. Second, it helps you learn how to communicate more effectively. Better communication with yourself and with others leads to a better life. You learn about concepts that can only be explained in another language. It opens you up to the full dynamic spectrum of what it means to be human. When you can speak another language you experience the world in that language.

Currently learning: Korean 🇰🇷


This is how my career started and how I went remote in the first place.


I love contributing in as many ways as I can back to the community. Speaking to audiences and sharing knowledge that might improve their skills somehow is a great feeling. I enjoy doing this by physically being present at an event, participating remotely as a speaker at an event, or even just recording something and putting it up on YouTube.

Follow my YouTube channel here.


Writing is such a beautiful medium. It’s asynchronous. You can read it at anytime that you like. It removes many biases. When you’re reading something you don’t focus on the physical qualities of the human who wrote it. You focus on what that person wrote, that person’s credentials. You’re listening clearly to the idea being expressed rather than listening to the tone of the voice or looking at that person’s physicality.

Writing is another way that I share knowledge back to the community. I write here on this website and I also write on other places like Medium and various other tech publications.